Warner Press

Wireframing, UX/UI, E-commerce

Website Refresh

Warner Press is a Christian centered non-for-profit organization. They publish and distribute ministry resources, church supplies, kids books, greeting cards, and other Christian products worldwide. Warner Press has a great story and a wide variety of products. My goal for their new website was to show who they are and make a clean site that will showcase their products.

Product Category

A category dashboard was created to help organize their several products. The user will be able filter the product by author and theme. Further more, they can sort the products by price, name, and reviews. Different tones of color was used to separate the dashboard so the products would be able to stand out.

Product Detail

The product details gives more information about the item. The most important information is at the top of the page near the product. The user will be able to toggle tabs to see specific information of the product, or leave a review.