Whiteboarding, Prototyping, User Testing, UX/UI

Admin Dashboard

CommunityHERO saw a need in the nonprofit world: matching volunteers with diverse talents to organizations with unique needs. They needed an easy way to connect individuals to nonprofits that would most benefit from their help.

I worked collaboratively to design the experience for CommunityHERO's users. An MVP needed to be delivered quickly, just in time for a major event. Initial design studio sessions were key to this process, bringing both our Balanced Team of designers, engineers, product owners, and managers together with our client's team to share and draw ideas. These design studios build shared ownership and understanding, invite less rework and documentation, and set common design patterns. This early intense collaboration between design and engineering allowed the design system to emerge. The design system was utilized and iteratively formed as we built low-fidelity mockups so that we could move quickly within team member roles. As the engineers created the product experiences, they carried the design forward by releasing frequently while designers focused on solving for the next set of experiences.

Our goal was to create a new, engaging experience for both volunteers and organizations to use CommunityHERO. We worked closely together to move quickly from idea to initial product release in time for the event. We had a unique opportunity to get the app into thousands of user's hands at the event. We took their feedback as it was being used in real-time. Our team returned to the office with clarity and focus to create new, improved experiences and populate our next MVP.

Marketing Site

A marketing site was made to support the new application. I created custom illustrations to show all the different varieties of volunteering and how it pairs with application to help the user organize opportunities