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Product Design



Community Hero saw a need in the nonprofit world: matching volunteers with diverse talents to organizations with unique needs. They needed an easy way to connect individuals to nonprofits that would most benefit from their help.

Mobile App

An easy way to connect individuals to nonprofits so that they can accomplish opportunities while leveraging skills, interests, and demographics to give the volunteer a better experience.

Seamless Nonprofit Connection: The Community Heroes mobile application aims to provide an easy and seamless way for individuals to connect with nonprofits. This indicates a user-centric approach, prioritizing convenience and accessibility. The application offers intuitive features and functionality that facilitate the process of discovering and connecting with suitable nonprofit organizations.

Personalized Matching: By leveraging skills, interests, and demographics, the application seeks to personalize the volunteer experience. This approach enhances user satisfaction by providing opportunities that align with the individual's preferences and strengths. The application employs effective matching systems to ensure relevant and meaningful connections between volunteers and nonprofits.

Clear Value Proposition: The application effectively communicates the value it offers to both volunteers and nonprofits. Users have a clear understanding of the benefits they will gain from using the application, such as making a meaningful impact, connecting with like-minded individuals, and having a positive volunteering experience. Clear and concise messaging can help convey these benefits and encourage user engagement.

User-Friendly Interface: To provide a positive user experience, the Community Heroes mobile application has a user-friendly interface. This includes clear navigation, intuitive controls, and an organized layout that enables users to easily find and access the desired features. The application prioritizes simplicity and ensure that users can accomplish their tasks efficiently.

Admin Desktop App

An intuitive, powerful dashboard that removes the complexity from the organization, and allows the organizer to reach out to volunteers easily.

Simplified Organization: The admin dashboard aims to simplify the organizational tasks and remove complexity. By streamlining processes and presenting information in a digestible manner, the dashboard can help organizers efficiently manage their tasks. It offers features that allow organizers to easily view and manage volunteer data, track progress, and handle communication.

Efficient Volunteer Outreach: The dashboard provides effective tools for organizers to reach out to volunteers easily. This includes features such as bulk messaging, notifications, and emailing to streamline communication efforts. By providing these capabilities, the dashboard helps organizers efficiently engage with volunteers, saving time and effort.

Powerful Functionality: The dashboard offers robust and advanced features with a wide range of functionalities required for effective organization and management. This includes features like volunteer assignment and scheduling, event management, data analytics, and reporting capabilities. The powerful functionality is balanced with a user-friendly interface to avoid overwhelming organizers with excessive complexity.

Marketing Website

A brief overview of what Community Hero is and get organizations to purchase a membership and sign up.

Clear Value Proposition: The homepage effectively communicates the value and purpose of Community Heroes. It provides a brief, concise overview that highlights the key benefits and unique features of the platform. Users are be able to quickly understand what Community Heroes is all about and how it can benefit them or their organizations.

Membership Benefits: The homepage highlights the benefits of purchasing a membership. This is achieved through concise and compelling copy, bullet points, and feature highlights. Clearly communicating the value that organizations will receive as members can motivate them to take action and sign up.

Engaging Visuals: Visual elements, such as images, videos, or graphics, are used to enhance the user experience and capture the attention of visitors. Engaging visuals were chosen carefully to reflect the nature of Community Heroes and convey its mission effectively.


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