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IMG's full-service approach to providing international medical insurance products includes servicing vacationers, those working or living internationally for short or extended periods, people traveling frequently between countries, and those who maintain multiple countries of residence.

Homepage & Pre-Quote

The homepage pre-quote asks the user a few questions to provide travel insurance quotes that best match the user's travel insurance needs. By asking relevant questions upfront, the pre-quote can gather necessary information and generate accurate insurance quotes tailored to the user's specific needs. This approach can help streamline the insurance selection process and enhance user satisfaction. The rest of the homepage is used to educate the user and why it is essential to ensure a trip. By providing relevant information, International Medical Group aims to create awareness among users and emphasize the need for insurance coverage when traveling. Educational content can help users make informed decisions and understand the value of the services provided.

Insurance Quote

Based on the information that the user entered into the pre-quote, the plans page will populate qualified plans for the user's trip. The user has the ability to Save and Share the quote or they can Resume their search at a later time.

Personalized Plan Selection: The quote page's ability to populate qualified plans based on the information provided by the user in the pre-quote stage indicates a personalized approach. This feature helps users find insurance plans that align with their specific travel needs, enhancing the user experience by saving time and effort.

Save and Share Functionality: The inclusion of "Save and Share" options on the quote page demonstrates a consideration for user convenience. Allowing users to save their quote enables them to review and compare plans later, even if they leave the page. The ability to share the quote with others can be useful for discussing or seeking input on the insurance options.

Resumable Quote: Offering the option for users to resume their quote at a later time is a valuable UX feature. It acknowledges that users might need more time or further information to make a decision. By allowing users to continue their quote where they left off, the website provides a seamless experience and eliminates the need to start the process from scratch.


The application process is broken up into multiple stages which are displayed below the header. As the user enters information, validation appears letting the user know if they entered the correct information or if they missed or need to re-enter different information. There is also a sidebar that displays all of the information about the plan they are wanting to purchase, along with the price, and who will be included in the plan. The user will also have the ability to Save or Resume the application if they need to finish it at a later time.

Clear Progress Indication: Breaking the application process into multiple stages and displaying them below the header is a beneficial UX practice. It allows users to understand the overall progress and how many steps are remaining. Clear visual indicators, such as progress bars or numbered steps, can help users navigate through the application smoothly and maintain a sense of control.

Real-Time Validation: The inclusion of validation that appears as users enter information is a helpful feature. It provides immediate feedback to users, informing them if they have entered correct information or if they need to make corrections. Real-time validation improves the user experience by reducing errors and ensuring that users input accurate and valid data.

Informative Sidebar: The sidebar displaying information about the plan, including the price and the individuals included, is a valuable addition. It keeps users informed about the details of the selected plan throughout the application process, ensuring transparency. This feature allows users to have a clear understanding of what they are purchasing and enables them to make informed decisions.

Intuitive Layout and Navigation: The application page has an intuitive layout that guides users through the different stages of the process. Clear labeling, well-organized sections, and logical flow help users understand where they are in the application and how to proceed. Easy-to-use navigation elements, such as back and next buttons, ensure a smooth and effortless user experience.

Product Pages

Informative internal pages that focus on the information of product categories and individual products.

Information Hierarchy: The product pages aims to provide users with detailed information about product categories and individual products. An effective UX practice is to establish a clear information hierarchy, ensuring that essential details are presented prominently and organized in a logical manner. This helps users easily navigate and find the information they are looking for.

Clear Categorization: Categorizing products is crucial for simplifying user navigation and aiding in product discovery. The product page employs a clear and intuitive categorization system that groups related products together. This helps users quickly identify the specific product categories they are interested in, improving the efficiency of their search.

Comprehensive Product Information: Since the focus is on informative internal pages, it is essential to provide comprehensive information about the product categories and individual products. This includes key features, benefits, pricing, coverage details, and any other relevant information that would help users understand the products better. Clear and concise descriptions, accompanied by visual elements such as images or icons, can enhance the user experience by providing a comprehensive overview of the products.

Search and Filtering Options: To enhance the user experience, implementing search and filtering options on the product page can help users quickly find specific products or refine their search based on specific criteria. This functionality improves usability, especially when dealing with a large number of products or categories.


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